Yayy! I’ve now finished one short-side and one long-side border.

2 more border segments to go!

The weird triangles along the long border are gussets to give the bag some width when it’s assembled.

The center has been blocked, and the ends trimmed, but the borders have not. That’s why they look lumpy. (Not tight floats – I’ve actually been very careful about that and am sure it will block out beautifully).

Here is a shot of the back:

behind the scenes

I actually dreamed about this project last night. In real life, my parents have a blue and brown persian carpet (they’ve had it since before I was born). In my dream, I finished the carpet bag and laid it on their carpet, and was amazed that they were the exact same color and pattern – only difference was mine was knitted, and a little smaller. The more I compared, the more similar they got. I have very clear memories of the details I compared, like little brown four-petaled flowers in the middle of a blue and black stripe.

Also in my dream, I either had a young child or was pregnant, and we got a multi-functional piece of furniture that had a frame with a bouncy swing suspended from it, a built-in crib, and a top bunk topping it all off (with a ladder to get up to it, of course) for the child to sleep in when he/she got older. I remember thinking it was very ingenious and I would have to remember the design so I could build one later.