knitting again

January 5, 2009

OK, so a couple years ago (yes, years) I agreed to knit a Persian Carpet Bag for the local knitting store. I worked hard on it, and eventually finished the center panel of the bag, which is the largest and hardest part. Shortly after blocking and finishing that part, though, I totally lost my knitting mojo. I knit probably less than 3 things since then.

What brought me out of knitting hibernation was my aunt’s feet. They had worn all the way through the soles of her FiberTrends felted clogs that I had made for her in the height of my knitting frenzy. She needed a new pair, desperately. And when somebody literally loves something to death, how can you resist making them another?

So I made the clogs; it wasn’t hard. I even made some alligator mittens for my little cousin. I started a baby sweater for reasons I don’t understand and can’t explain. That’s when I realized:

I’m knitting again.
the hidden side of intarsia

Not just one pair of clogs, not just a few gifts, but I actually am knitting things because I love the yarn, because I want to see how they turn out, because it’s just a sort of addictive hobby.

Which means I have no excuse to not work on the Persian Carpet Bag.

So, here goes nothing.


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