January 5, 2009

bad dogPart of the problem with the Persian Carpet Bag (besides (1) it’s impossible and (2) I was crazy to attempt it) is that shortly after adopting my second dog, said dog thought the project bag was a chew toy. And what do you do with a chew toy? Chew it? Oh no. You shake it repeatedly to break its neck.

And so the project, which could honestly be described as a tangle of yarn, became more tangled than ever. This, I thought, was surely its death knell.

Well, that was then. This is now. I am determined. I detangled.

Here is a shot taken mid-detangle, when I only had 3 balls of yarn left to reassemble:

tangled yarns

And here, when the detangling was finished:

the payoff

Ahh, much better.


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